Topics to Avoid in a College Admission Essay

What could be more dreaded for an ordinary student than writing an admissions essay? This type of work is really one of the hardest tasks to do it young writers always need some help.

Essay Help

There are thousands of examples of great college admission essays written on different subjects online. You can study them to learn the art of writing college admission essays. Also, you can easily buy admission essay. Everything you need is to order an essay for college admission from special writing service. Such companies can help you to make your essay for college admission a great personal statement with confidence and excitement.

But, first of all, you should know that writing college admission essays can take many forms. At first sight, it is a simple reflection of your interests and values.

Essay Questions

There are always a lot of questions for the admission officers about the role and purpose of the essay. Students often ask about essays size, amount of symbols, significance of their experience. But, probably, the most popular question sounds like: “What should I write about?” So, the college admissions can be difficult period for those who can’t guess how to put all their life and academic experience in three (or even less) typewritten pages of college admission essay.

Topics to Avoid

There is no “right” or “wrong” idea for an essay for college admission, but some topics are more creative and less risky than others.

So, here is a list of 10 topics to avoid in your essay for college admission.

  1. Listing accomplishments

  2. Even, if you are the most amazing and successful person on the whole planet Earth, you shouldn’t talk about it during the whole essay. Nobody wants to read things like a boring list of the things you’ve done, the people you’ve met and the places you’ve visited.

  3. Sports

  4. There are millions of students that have written in their essays about sports achievements. So, your stories about scoring the winning goal or finish first are not interesting. And your failures, either.

  5. Sharing how lucky you are

  6. College admission officials don’t want to read about your happy and rich childhood, your affluent household and all the perks of rich life. Nobody wants to read about your chic clothes and fancy trips.

  7. Strictures

  8. Sometimes you just need to follow the rules, and writing college admission essay is that case. Remember about your goal just to get accepted. No radical methods are allowed.

  9. Inflammatory topics

  10. Don’t write about politics or religion, it is highly recommended. These are two of the most polarizing topics. Also, you need to avoid any subjects that make people angry.

  11. Illegal activity

  12. Drug use, drinking and driving, arrests or jail time. Do you have such an experience? So, forget about it, at least for the essay writing time. Also, avoid mentioning your sexual activities, believe, nobody wants to know about it and this facts cat get a bad influence on your college accept.

  13. Do-good experiences

  14. It can be a surprise for you, but believe, colleges do not want to read about your charity experience. There is nothing interesting and useful in your church or a school trip to another country to help the disadvantaged. You can mention about such experience if it has something useful and common to your future profession.

  15. The most important thing or person in my life

  16. This is absolutely boring. Everyone has someone to believe, love and to admire. There is no difference if you write about your friend, mom or God.

  17. Death, divorce, tragedies

  18. No negative moments. Don’t try to touch the college admission officials. Even if you are not, they can suspect you. Also, such topics are too depressive and challenging to write about. Also, forget about any pet stories – officers hate them.

  19. Humor

Do not overdo. There can be few funny or sweet moments in your essay, but you shouldn’t try to make the whole admission essay a clown performance.

Think Positive

Do not be afraid. Think about writing college essay like an opportunity to share your experience and thoughts with the Admission Committee. Try to show your another side and to enjoy this experience.