What is the best font for academic papers?

We understand that this is a hard question, in fact, we may not have the correct since the answer largely lies with the instructor. The best font for academic papers is the one that your instructor specifies either directly, or through the format of the paper that he or she demands. Nonetheless, provided with no such instructions, we recommend:

  • Times New Roman
  • Arial
  • Helvetica
  • Garamond
  • Caslon
  • Baskerville

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Some of the acceptable academic resources for research papers

There exist many sources of information which one can refer to when writing such as books, magazines, films, journals, web pages, blogs, and social media posting among many others. However, the most appropriate academic resources for research papers are books and peer-reviewed journals. These two types of academic sources for research papers are hard to find but very rich in details and accuracy. Most instructors who issue out research paper assignments will categorically state that they need the student to use scholarly articles: books and peer-reviewed journals. Research papers written using these sources are logical and has substance. The reader needs not to take up the “how to read academic papers effectively” lessons. Therefore, fill that order form and let us offer you an experience of a lifetime.